a heady blending of soaring dissonance, glittering ambience and a cavernous low end, coupled with melodies as beautiful as a clear night sky away from the big city
— Tom Murphy, Westword Magazine, August 2006

About Volplane


Although Volplane disbanded in 1999, it was the band responsible for spawning the ideology that became Flight Approved Records. Volplane was initially formed in the spring of 1996 by guitarists Jeff Suthers and Todd Ayers. A lineup change in 1997 left core members Jeff Suthers (guitars), Dicky Bosse (drums) and Shannon Stein (bass) to carry on as a 3-piece. From 1997-1999, Volplane forged ahead and spent the larger part of two years in their home studio recording what should have been two records that were never officially released: VOLPLANE and MERLOT.

In 2006, Flight Approved Records released a limited edition CDR retrospective, with some of the band’s favorite tracks from 1997-1999. This retrospective was the first Volplane to be officially released and included 17 tracks taken mostly from the two never-released albums VOLPLANE and MERLOT. CDR copies of the Volplane retrospective are now sold out, but the tracks remain available through Flight Approved Records as digital downloads.


Volplane 1997-1999

released 14 April 2006
Jeff Suthers - Guitars, Vocals, Sampler
Shannon Stein - Bass, Electric Piano
Dicky Bosse - Drums, Guitar

Tracks 1-7 recorded Summer 1997
Tracks 9-13, 15 recorded Fall 1998
Tracks 8, 14, 16, 17 taken from live demos and rehearsals 1998-1999

All Lyrics by Jeff Suthers
All music by Volplane
All tracks engineered and produced by Volplane
Compilation assembled and mastered at Flight Approved Studios 2006