Capturing the essence of the images and patterns that come unbidden when you close your eyes and empty your mind of concrete visuals, this is not merely ambient music, but an aural interpretation of direct communication with the subconscious.
— Tom Murphy, Westword Magazine, 2010 review of Orbiteer "October"

About Orbiteer


Orbiteer is an outlet for the sound sculptures that flow from the mind and the fingertips of guitar wizard Jeff Suthers (Pale Sun/Moonspeed/Bright Channel/Volplane/Pteranodon). From the first recording session 'Silo' in 2000 to the latest release 'Dead Air', issued in late 2013, Suthers shows no signs of slowing up, with 11 albums to date and counting...



Silo (recorded 2000/released 2009)
Radio Horizon (2009)
October (2009)
Scorpion (2009)
Siberia (2010)
Love EP (2010)
Serpent (2010)
Odyssey (2010)
Machines (2011)
Sound on Sound (2011)
Dead Air (2013)