About Moonspeed


The origins of Moonspeed date back to 2003, when Jeff Suthers began to record layered compositions that were both relaxed and sonically energetic. Suthers based these recordings primarily on the sounds of driving acoustic guitars with interplaying synthesizer and electric guitar melodies. An LP and an EP were assembled out of this material, and both were distributed as a handmade limited release on Flight Approved Records in 2006.

On the eaves of winter 2007, preliminary and experimental rehearsals with a live four-piece ensemble were arranged with the intent of capturing the rhythmic tendencies and sonic layering found within the early Moonspeed recordings. The early live sessions contained both a trial of old material and a launch pad for new ideas and improvisations. This early cast included two electric guitars, bass, and drums. It was realized shortly therafter that more players and sounds were necessary to fully realize the sonic nature of Moonspeed.

Slowly, members were added to the cast in order to create the sounds of what became the Moonspeed of today. Past, present and future members of this large ensemble include:

Jeff Suthers - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Adam Shaffner - Bass
Ryan Sniegowski - Electric Guitar
James Barone - Drumset
Shannon Stein - Synthesizers, Percussion
Jim Sweeney - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Kit Peltzel - Drumset
Darren Cheek - Synthesizers
Hayley Helmericks- Percussion, Vocals, Melodica
Doug Spencer - Donkey Jaw, Wind Chimes, Percussion
Matthew Brown - Acoustic Guitar