About Pale Sun


Pale Sun was formed by the steady gravitational force between Jeff Suthers and Kit Peltzel. With Jeff in Volplane and Kit in Space Team Electra, the two existed as close families, playing gigs and spending many epic and inspired years together. Time passed, those bands broke up and each continued on with other projects of varying success. Jeff with Bright Channel, Orbiteer and Pteranodon and Kit with Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, Mr. Pacman and The Denver Gentlemen. It wasn't until Jeff formed Moonspeed that the two actually played together. This short-lived space rock orchestra succumbed to the pressure of organizing the eleven busy musicians' schedules. When Kit left SRRS, the two decided to join forces and Pale Sun was born. 

After all those years of playing with serious intentions, Pale Sun has taken the approach of writing and performing music for the pure love of it, always bringing the heart of the music to the front while letting the rest fall into place. As might be expected, the sounds shimmer in the light of shoegaze with hints of surf in the guitar tones while the bass and drums drive the cadence to the celestial shore.

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