...a force of noise and beauty, beguiling audiences with a sound that encompasses everything from My Bloody Valentine’s bleary psychedelia to the ice-rimmed ghostliness of Joy Division.
— Westword Magazine, Best of Denver 2004

About Bright Channel


Bright Channel has been described as inspiring and revelatory, dark and elegant, shimmering and roaring. One thing is for certain, Bright Channel's music defies categorization. This is a rock band with a wide variety of musical influences and a clear vision for the future. Since forming in June of 2002, this 3-piece has steadily grown a loyal fan base on the strength of their live appearances. Their signature sound consists largely of swirling, melodic guitars lapping against a wall of pounding rhythms. Encompassing the best of shoegaze, post-punk, indie rock, no-wave, brit pop and space rock, Bright Channel's  sound is highly stylized and unique.



Bright Channel

released September 2004
recorded at Electrical Audio, Chicago


released February 2006
recorded at Flight Approved Studios, Colorado