those who do get the chance to experience this unique and stunning testimony to song craft shall undoubtedly feel a stinging sense of hope, loss, and universal nostalgic connection... these tracks are carefully crafted masterpieces
— Kevin Chong, review of self-titled debut album

About Pteranodon


Pteranodon is the brainchild of Jeff Suthers and Shannon Stein (Volplane/Bright Channel/Moonspeed). In the fall of 2000, after the departure of Volplane's drummer, Jeff and Shannon set out to pursue an ambient musical venture that combined their love of minimalist musical styles with their equal appreciation for maximum volumes. With only one organ and one guitar, pteranodon was designed to be a lush (but gigantic) listening experience, both live and recorded. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2001, with a follow-up appearing in spring 2005. Today, Pteranodon continues to be an exercise in melodic, textural songwriting outside the boundaries of traditional rhythms and structures.



released: June 2001, Flight Approved Records

Pteranodon 2

released: June 2005, Flight Approved Records

all tracks written, recorded and produced by Jeff Suthers and Shannon Stein